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Welcome to Lung Wah Chong! My name is Jeremy Tsang and I am the director of Lung Wah Chong. Thank you for choosing us and here’s a little more about us.

My dad Charles Yau-Keung Tsang founded the business in 1987 but the story of Lung Wah Chong started much earlier. Long before any business plans and ideas, my father - Charles - was a delivery driver.

In 1980, dad started his business by delivering video tapes to people all around Oxfordshire. The real beginnings of Lung Wah Chong can be traced back to a simple request from one of his customers - to source and deliver some Asian groceries. Once word got out that dad could deliver more than video tapes, the business was born. Soon becoming one of the first businesses to import Chinese vegetables into the UK.

I suppose we owe a lot to that first request from one of his customers, as without Lung Wah Chong, dad would never Eva Sau-Lai Law, my mum. 364 days a year, through thick and thin. They kept it going. Mum was no stranger to driving the delivery truck herself down to London, even while pregnant. They poured their hearts into Lung Wah Chong.

Charles Yau-Keung Tsang
Charles Yau-Keung Tsang

In June 2023, my dad - Charles, as most will know him - passed away. As a family, we have united to support each other through this sudden loss - and continue our family business. My cousins and sisters always stepped in to help where they could too. It has always been a family business that everyone contributed to.

This company takes a lot of work, sacrifice, and commitment, but we will get through it - just like Mum and Dad did all for all those years.

Thank you, Jeremy Tsang (and the entire Lung Wah Chong family)

Charles Yau-Keung Tsang

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